All official updates on the parade will be provided by Kyle Dawson, President National Tartan Day New York Committee.  

We will share updates here and on our Event Page.

While marching in the parade is a BIG deal for us fans who want to honor and pay tribute to Alan, it is a HUGE deal for the New York City Tartan Week Committee.  We are confident that any decisions they make regarding 2021/22 will be the right decision.  Remember.. half of Scotland flies over every year for this event!  We are all hoping we can all be together again soon!



March up Sixth Avenue in the Tartan Day parade with fellow Bay City Rollers Fans from all across the globe!  We will proudly march showcasing the Proud Son of Edinburgh Tartan created to honor the life and legacy of founding member, Alan Longmuir.  The incredible story of the tartan can be found HERE.

PARADE DATE:  April 2022

All attendees will be on their own for travel and lodging plans.  Optional group events will be announced as plans are confirmed.

NOTE:  While there is no fee to march, there are expenses involved.  We will be offering the "Marchers Package" shortly that will include our "uniform", that we hope to price as low as possible.  


Anyone who's participated in a parade or even watched one know that parade marchers typically have a "look" or "uniform".  We will as well!  We are excited and proud to be showcasing the Proud Son of Edinburgh Tartan.  We will also be doing some fundraising to offset costs of parade items like our banner, flags, etc.  

Special guests TBA.  

YOUR EVENT TEAM MEMBERS for the 2022 Tartan Day March:

Laura Brady, Team Lead 
Sheila Nitz, Art Director
Suz Rostron, Fundraising, PR
Gail Shackley, UK Liaison
Laura Rothwell, US/UK Liaison
Eileen Longmuir, Proud Son of Edinburgh Tartan Ambassador

Email contact: