Monday, October 8, 2018

are international fan driven, fan funded and fan produced events that celebrate The Bay City Rollers and the life-long friendships that have resulted and endured over 45+ years.

The Bay City Rollers were a Scottish pop band whose profile peaked in the mid 1970s. 

The British Hit Singles & Albums noted they were "tartan teen sensations from Edinburgh", and were "the first of many acts heralded as the 'biggest group since the Beatles' and one of the most screamed-at teeny-bopper acts of the 1970s".  

For a relatively brief, but fervent period  -- nicknamed "Rollermania", they were worldwide teen idols. 

The group's line-up had many changes over the years, but the classic line-up during its heyday included: guitarists Eric Faulkner and Stuart "Woody" Wood, lead singer and front man, Les McKeown, bassist Alan Longmuir, and drummer Derek Longmuir.

40+ years later the fans are still here.  They've always been here.  With the advent of the internet and social media, fan driven/supported events have kept the band's relevance alive for over 20+ years in their forever teenage hearts.